Tonometer Case Inserts

Upgrade your Tono-Pen® case with our premium, odorless Black Zote foam inserts. Sidestep costly repairs and calibration issues, all with free shipping!



Protect your Tono-Pen® with a fresh case insert and sidestep expensive repairs. Swapping out old, deteriorating inserts, which can lead to transducer clogs and instrument malfunction, is a breeze. Dust and particles from worn-out inserts can skew readings, disrupt calibration, and even render your Pen unrepairable.

We’ve chosen Black Zote foam for our inserts, a top-tier foam in the industry. The foam’s nitrogen-based creation ensures it’s odorless, making it perfect for case inserts.

Refresh your case to a “like-new” condition for only $49.95 – and we’ll even cover the shipping!

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