Slit Lamps - Phoropters

Unlock up to 40% savings with iKiSS – the industry frontrunner in delivering top-notch refurbished Slit Lamps and Phoropters that rival new ones. Celebrated for our industry-best warranty, our 25 years of expertise speaks volumes, echoing in the commendations from our satisfied clients.

Spotlight on Excellence:

Specialty: Haag-Streit BM900 Slit Lamps and Reichert/AO Phoropters, backed by a 1-Year Warranty.
Versatility: Upon request, we might have BQ900, Topcon, and Marco brands.
High Demand: Our Haag-Streit BM900 & BQ900 models are hot sellers. Check with us for current inventory and shipping details.
Quality Promise:

Expert refurbishment by our dedicated on-site professionals.
Comprehensive servicing: Every device is disassembled, cleaned, lubricated, and rigorously tested to ensure optimal function.
Tremendous value, underscored by superior quality.

All our devices are shielded by a 1-Year Warranty and come with Free Shipping.

For international shipping arrangements, drop an email at

Haag Streit BM 900 Slit Lamp w/ Haag Streit Tonometer.


Phoropter Model 11625 (Minus cylinder) , 11635 (Plus cylinder)