Tonometer Tip Covers

For over three decades, iKiSS tip covers have upheld FDA standards, ensuring top-tier compatibility with Tono-Pen®, AVIA®, and AccuPen® Tonometers.

Why Choose iKiSS?

Precision Design: Our thin tip covers guarantee more accurate readings.
Durability: Designed powderless, they promise an extended service life.
Protection: Shield your tonometers from environmental contaminants like dust and fluids.
Patient Safety: Minimize the potential for cross-contamination, ensuring patient well-being.

Each iKiSS tip cover undergoes a meticulous hand inspection by our skilled technicians before undergoing a thorough sanitization process.

Tonometer Sleeved Tip Covers – 600 Count


Tonometer Tip Covers – 100 Count


Tonometer Tip Covers – 200 Count


Tonometer Tip Covers – 300 Count


Tonometer Un-Sleeved Tip Covers – 600 Count