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Why is iKiSS number one? Quality and turnaround time! Pens are evaluated the same day as arrival. Results are emailed and upon approval, pens are repaired and shipped within 48 hours. 

Tono-Pen®/Avia® Repair Services

Phoropter Cleaning and Service

Tono-Pen®/Avia® Repair Services

At iKiSS, our approach to repairing Tono-Pen® and Avia® devices goes beyond simple fixes – we rejuvenate and transform them. Recognized as the leading service center nationwide, our mission is to deliver exceptional repair services that not only meet but exceed industry benchmarks, setting new standards in device restoration and customer satisfaction.

  • Repaired and shipped within 48 hours
  • Save money avoid replacement costs
  • Same day Free Evaluation: We begin by providing a free, no-obligation evaluation of your device’s condition.
  • High Repair Success Rate: On average, we successfully repair 85% of Tono-Pens at a competitive rate of $495. In some cases, we can provide tune-ups for less than $125.
  • Thorough Restoration: Our technicians meticulously clean, replace parts, repair, re-calibrate, and rigorously test your device’s reading accuracy. Battery function is examined, ensuring your pen arrives in exceptional working condition.
  • Quickest Turnaround!: We pride ourselves on delivering the quickest service in the industry. Evaluated the day of arrival then repaired and shipped back in less than 48 hrs.
  • Solid Warranty: Rest assured with our 6-month warranty, although it’s rare to see devices returned to us. 

Ready to Revitalized Your Tono-Pen® or Avia®?

Contact us at 877-446-1166 to schedule your shipping or inquire further.

Phoropter Cleaning and Service: Precision and Care in Every Detail Only $395.00

iKiSS also specializes in comprehensive cleaning and servicing of all Phoropters. Regular maintenance not only prolongs the life of your equipment but also ensures peak performance and accuracy.

  • Thorough Optical Cleaning: We meticulously clean all optical surfaces to ensure crystal-clear vision.
  • Factory-Standard Calibration: All lenses are cleaned and calibrated to meet factory standards, providing precision in every examination.
  • Jackson Cross Cylinder Expertise: We clean, adjust, lubricate, and calibrate the Jackson cross cylinder for optimal performance.
  • Main Support and Control TLC: Our team cleans, adjusts, and lubricates the main support, PD, and convergence controls to maintain smooth operation.
  • Sphere and Cylinder Dial Care: We clean, calibrate, and ensure the proper functioning of sphere and cylinder dial assemblies.
  • Mechanical Components: All internal mechanical components are cleaned, lubricated, and calibrated for seamless operation.
  • Control Knob Precision: We adjust all control knobs to the correct tension, adhering to smooth factory standards.
  • Aesthetic Touch-Up: We clean the exterior and touch up any paint as needed, ensuring your Phoropter looks as good as new.
  • Peace of Mind: Enjoy a 1-year warranty on our Phoropter cleaning and service.

Schedule Your Phoropter Service

To schedule shipping for your Phoropter or for further details, please call 877-446-1166

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iKiSS stands by our quality with the best warranty in the business. 

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Trust iKiSS for unmatched expertise in optical equipment maintenance and repair. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction sets us apart, ensuring your devices are always in their best condition.