Refurbished Tono-Pen AVIA® Tonometer

Trust in iKiSS for superior refurbished AVIA® Tonometers, all backed by an impressive 18-month warranty. While we operate independently and hold no ties with the manufacturer, Reichert, our commitment to quality is unwavering.

Why Choose Our Refurbished Devices?

Precision: Every Tonometer undergoes rigorous testing for calibration and reading accuracy.
Expertise: Our onsite professionals specialize in refurbishing, ensuring optimal device performance.
Guaranteed Satisfaction: We take immense pride in the quality of equipment we deliver.
Value-Added Services:

FREE Priority Express shipping for your convenience.
Each refurbished Avia Tonometer comes packed with:
A premium deluxe case
An extra battery for uninterrupted usage
Clear maintenance and operation instructions
A reliable 18-month warranty for peace of mind.

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Refurbished Tono-Pen AVIA® Tonometer