Refurbished Tono-Pen AVIA® Tonometer

Our refurbished AVIA® tonometer represents big savings and outstanding value! Professionally refurbished to ensure accurate calibration and peak performance! Backed by a 15-month warranty.

Original price was: $3,695.Current price is: $3,495.

iKiSS is the #1 provider of refurbished Tono-Pens!

Please call or email with any questions. Tono-Pens are our specialty and we’re here to help!

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Discover iKiSS‘s expertly refurbished AVIA® Tonometers, backed by an 15-month warranty. While iKiSS operates independently and holds no ties with Reichert, our dedication to precision is unwavering.

Every AVIA® Tonometer we rejuvenate undergoes rigorous calibration and accuracy tests, reinforcing our reputation for exceptional quality in refurbished devices. Trust in our experienced onsite team to deliver unparalleled equipment excellence. Your contentment is our promise.

Benefit from complimentary Priority Express shipping. Each refurbished Avia package includes:

  • A premium case
  • Comprehensive maintenance and user manuals
  • Our steadfast 15-month warranty guarantee.

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