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Phoropter Model 11625 (Minus cylinder) , 11635 (Plus cylinder)

For over 25 years, iKiSS has expertly refurbished Phoropters from brands like AO, Reichert, and Leica, offering up to 40% savings. Each instrument meets new standards, includes essential accessories, and comes with a 1-Year Warranty plus free shipping.


iKiSS is the #1 provider of refurbished Tono-Pens!

Please call or email with any questions. Tono-Pens are our specialty and we’re here to help!

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For over a quarter-century, iKiSS has been synonymous with excellence in refurbished Phoropters, spanning brands like American (AO), Reichert, and Leica. Achieve top-tier quality at savings of up to 40% compared to brand-new instruments.

Commitment to Quality:

  • Complete Refurbishment: Our instruments are not just restored; they’re rejuvenated, including repainting if necessary.
  • Precision Performance: Each Phoropter is serviced to align with the high standards and performance of a new instrument.
  • Added Accessories: We enhance your purchase with a protective dust cover and face shield.

Available Models:

  • 11625 (Minus cylinder)
  • 11635 (Plus cylinder)

Experience peace of mind with our 1-Year Warranty, complemented by Free Shipping.

Additional information

Weight 12 lbs

Phoropter Model 11625, Phoropter Model 11635

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