Refurbished Reichert Tono-Pen® XL Tonometer

Save money and experience superior quality with the current generation Reichert Tono-Pen® XL. Professionally refurbished with precision calibration and performance! Backed by a 15-month warranty.

Original price was: $2,995.00.Current price is: $2,795.00.

iKiSS is the #1 provider of refurbished Tono-Pens!

Please call or email with any questions. Tono-Pens are our specialty and we’re here to help!

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Reichert stands as the authoritative manufacturer of the Tono-Pen® XL Tonometer. At iKiSS, while we operate independently with no ties to Reichert, our dedication to excellence is evident. Every Tono-Pen® we refurbish undergoes rigorous calibration and accuracy tests to ensure peak performance.

We specialize in the refurbishment of these devices, and our team of professionals ensures top-notch quality. Our commitment extends to providing a generous 15-month warranty on each Tono-Pen®.

Benefit from our FREE Priority Express shipping. Our refurbished Tono-Pen® package includes:

  • A deluxe case
  • Additional batteries
  • A sturdy metal stylus
  • Comprehensive maintenance and operational guides
  • And, of course, our 15-month assurance.

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