iKiSS is proud of its relationship with Stearns Bank and its no-nonsense financing approach it offers our clients.

Like iKiSSStearns Bank pride themselves on customer service and appreciate the opportunity to earn your business! Below are a few important points direct from Stearns Bank.

  • Stearns Bank is a direct lender out of Central Minnesota. Being a direct lender, the customer stays with us from start to finish and we work with iKiSS and the customer personally to get the deal done.
  • Our terms are simple and straight forward. No confusing or complicated contracts.
  • We take a unique common sense approach when evaluating each deal. We do not use a credit scoring system and look at every deal individually.
  • The only collateral we take is the equipment itself. The contract is not tied to the practice or anything personal.
  • We do not report to the credit bureau, so the equipment won’t show as a debt obligation/liability on the customer’s personal credit bureau.


If you have interest in learning more or applying for financing please contact Richard Schaefer with iKiSS directly at 517-285-7001. We also included a brief easy to use application to get you started. Please complete and fax to 877-446-1166 or Contact Us to send via email.

Richard will introduce you to a professional Stearns Bank representative for a confidential overview of your objectives. Enjoy the convenience and pleasure of working directly with Stearns Bank.

Whether you are adding a piece of equipment, starting a new practice or acquiring new technology, the method used to acquire the equipment can have an impact on your balance sheet. Your options should be carefully reviewed before paying cash.
Conserve Your Cash. Financing enables you to keep cash on hand to improve your company’s cash flow. Paying cash reduces your cash asset and therefore has a negative impact on your balance sheet.
Cash Discounts. Save your cash for other business needs. You may be able to get discounts for paying cash on your frames, consumables, advertising, and other miscellaneous items.
Benefit From Use of Equipment. Pay for the equipment as it produces revenue. You can have the equipment pay for itself as you use it. Financing should be used for depreciable assets such as equipment.
Section 179. You can still take advantage of Section 179 if you finance.
Convenient. Stearns Bank representatives are readily available by phone to speak with you. Talk to a live person at all times. Our application process is simple and can be taken over the phone – no financials required. Turnaround time on the application is typically within an hour.
Preserve Your Existing Local Lines of Credit. Expand your credit limits by developing a relationship with a secondary source for your equipment needs. Keep your local lines open for your day to day operating expenses.
Flexible Terms. Stearns Bank can create terms to accommodate your budget; perhaps you want just a short term 24 month note, or we can go as long as 60 months. You can also delay your first payment up to 90 days, which allows you to generate revenue from the use of your equipment before a full payment is due.
Direct Lender. Stearns Bank does not sell your paper. You stay a client of ours from start to finish.
Bureau Reporting. Stearns Bank does not report to the credit bureau; therefore your account with us will not show up as a line item on your credit report. We are only required to report delinquencies.